Hello, great big world!

Anyone reading this must know that I support Disney in numerous ways. I am usually not one to demonize art or any aspect of creativity. That being stated, I must inform that I do dislike age-old racial, sexist, and ageist stereotypes, including any other form of unfair discrimination. Social realms are slippery and easily misinterpreted into shaded worlds of distrust and misunderstanding. That is why everyone should be open with ideas that come to one’s mind and allow it for discussion. In this way we can all break through social barriers and uncomfortable zones we have decided to ignore.

I hope to bring some of these questionable topics to the forefront and dissect them. Disney’s old rap-sheet with the aforementioned social notions continues steadily today, injecting subtle mindsets that one may not desire. It cannot be accurately argued that Disney is the only convict of social injustice in the portrayal of diverse cultural backgrounds and gender roles, so I am open to digging into other cartoons, shows, and general media that also pertain to these topics.

You are welcome to bring your criticism here as well.